A few kind words...

"I attended multiple Clexacon panels moderated by Dana Piccoli.  She is an incredibly affable and engaging speaker, capable of simultaneously putting a room of hundreds at ease AND making them roar with laughter. Dana was knowledgeable, prepared,  well-researched, and so very funny. If possible, I would hire her to narrate and/or moderate my daily life. It would certainly be more lively, interesting, and hilarious that way." Allison Griswold (Clexacon attendee)

"I've attended a lot of panels at cons and gotten the chance to see many different moderators and experience different styles of moderation. Dana Piccoli is definitely one of my favorites, if not my favorite, moderator. Her infectious energy makes the panels/Q&As fly by in the best way. She is able to connect to the guest(s) and audience with ease and without overshadowing the guest(s). Dana gives plenty of time for audience questions, and for the guest(s) to have a little fun on stage. Dana also makes sure the discussions stay respectful, which is extremely important for guest and audience alike (nobody wants to be in the audience when someone asks a question that makes you cringe). Dana's moderation vastly improved what was already a stellar convention experience." - Catherine Meushaw, Staff Writer, 4 Your Excitement (

"I don't know if I would go so far as to say I'm an expert on cons, but I've attended more than my fair share, and Dana Piccoli was one of the best panel moderators I've seen. She's funny and engaging and somehow manages to keep the conversation both light and on topic yet at the same time fresh and intriguing. And no one can shut down those awkward and sometimes-inappropriate audience questions like she can. If someone told me she was going to be moderating a panel about the life cycle and ecology of fungi, I'd be the first one in the door - after knocking down whoever happened to be unlucky enough to be in front of me in line - because I know somehow she'd make any subject hilarious and fascinating. I look forward to attending more panels moderated by Ms. Piccoli."  Author Kara A. McLeod (Bold Strokes Books)

"I was lucky enough to be a participant on a panel moderated by Dana Piccoli. She immediately made everyone on the panel and in the audience feel welcome and excited. She was prepared with fantastic questions and also had the ability to be flexible when an interesting topic came up that she could see people were interested in exploring. At every moment during the panel Dana always had the audience in mind and made the panel about serving their hunger for knowledge and information the panelists possessed." Christin Baker (President of Tello Films, Clexacon panelist)